Electric Golf cars Alkè: production and sale

Electric golf cars for sale


Alke' manufactures and sells electric golf cars. These are 100% environmentally friendly, extremely compact vehicles, suitable for both turf and road use because they are type approved.


Key features of Alkè golf cars for sale

  • 100% electric - 100% made in Italy
  • Extremely compact: only 140 cm wide
  • Maximum range 200 km and load capacity up to 1,630 kg (per chassis)
  • Fast charging for non-stop operation
  • A wide range of versions to choose from
  • N1 approved for road use


New and used electric golf cars for sale


Electric golf cars for sale

Alke' offers a wide range of all-electric golf cars with astonishing performance. These are extremely robust, designer golf cars that are unrivalled in terms of performance and driving comfort. The Alkè golf cart sales network is extensive, with a presence in over 40 countries around the world. This allows Alke to provide customers with all the assistance they need, as well as qualified personnel trained by the parent company. Alkè offers solutions for every need: use on grass carpets, people transport, equipment transport, use on public roads.

icon features
  • golf cars 100% electric
  • robusts, design, compact
  • solutions for turfgrass - people and equipment transport - road use
  • qualified service


Road-legal golf cars


Why should you choose Alkè golf cars?

Alke' golf cars are high performance because they adopt technical solutions derived from the off-road and industrial sectors. They are easy to recharge because all that is needed is a normal industrial socket, and with the quick charger, which can be used if the vehicle is equipped with lithium batteries, the vehicle can be fully recharged in 1.5 hours. The 20 kWh lithium batteries allow a range of 200 km to be reached, making it possible to cover long distances on a single charge or to have the vehicle operational for an entire working day or more. All Alkè golf carts have N1 road homologation. They can also be integrated with a fleet management cloud platform designed specifically for them, which allows you to understand in real time whether the vehicles are charging, whether they are running, where they are, how much battery they still have available, you can see the main operating data of the vehicle, this allows among other things to anticipate potential problems or allow their resolution quickly.

icon features
  • high-performance vehicles
  • easy to recharge
  • possibility of fast recharging
  • road homologation


Golf car - Turf

Golf car - Turf

People transport

People transport

Equipment transport

Equipment transport


Alke offers a wide range of golf cars - Solutions for every need

Alke' is able to provide solutions for the many different customer needs because it can count on a complete range of options, accessories and fittings. Golf cars are used in many different areas and for many different activities. They can be used on turf in golf clubs and parks, transporting golf course guests, transporting operators' equipment and are often also used on the road. The versatility of the Alkè golf cars is able to meet all these requirements in a timely manner. The Alke golf car range has 2 or 4-seater cabs, 3 different loading platform sizes and hundreds of configurations to choose from. Once you have chosen the most suitable equipment, you can complete the configuration of your golf car by choosing from a large number of accessories.

icon features
  • various choice of options, accessories, equipment
  • versatile vehicles
  • cabs with 2 or 4 seats - 3 loading platform dimensions
  • solutions for every need


Discover the range of Alkè electric golf cars for sale


Electric Utility Vehicles ATX 340E

Electric Utility Vehicles ALKE' ATX 340E
Electric Utility golf cars for intensive use in industrial and civil areas loading capacity (chassis): 1.630 kg max. towing capacity: 4.500 kg.

Off road electric golf cart ATX 330E

Off road electric vehicles ALKE' ATX330E
Zero emission vehicle suitable also for off-road, max negotiable slope: 35%.

Electric Golf Cars ATX 320E

Electric Golf Cars ALKE' ATX 320E
ATX320E -The best selling Alke' professional electric golf car loading capacity (chassis): 610 kg max. towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Mini Pickup ATX 310E

Small Electric Pickup ALKE ATX 310E
Small electric golf car for uses that require tight turning radiuses loading capacity (chassis): 620 kg, towing capacity: 2.000 kg.

Double cab ATX ED

Electric golf car Double Cab ALKE' ATX ED
4-seater electric vehicle for transporting both work groups and materials. Load capacity (chassis): up to 1,450 kg.

ATEX Electric Golf Cars

ATEX - Explosion proof electric golf cars
Explosion-proof vehicles for potentially explosive areas categories: 2G/2D, 3G/3D, M2.





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