Compact, fast, silent and eco-friendly: ATX210E with closed box are the ideal electric commercial vehicle for transporting merchandise in urban settings, even on dirt roads.

Electric Commercial Vehicles
Alkè Electric Commercial Vehicles
Mini Van with closed loading compartment

This small vehicle is only 3.5 metres long and 1.27 metres wide, but spacious just the same. ATX210E Electric commercial vehicles with closed loading compartment are minivan that can move with agility on every surface. They are approved at a European level for use as a heavy quadricycle (L7E). The vehicle is equipped with a very efficient AC electric motor, which can reach a maximum speed of 44 km/h (SPORT mode).

Why choose ATX electric commercial vehicles:

  • performance: it can be used on both paved and unpaved roads, in enclosed areas and in cities

  • speed in ascent and descent of the vehicle, perfect for 'stop ang go' operations such as loading rubbish, various maintenance, transport of meals and delivery of goods

  • Mini Van drive: a truly exceptional asset: the vehicle can even be used on snow and sand

  • The very narrow Mini Van passes everywhere at only 1.27m

  • comfort: a comfortable cab for such a compact Mini Van, and a very compact but spacious loading compartment

The batteries (standard - 8.7 kWh, optional - 9 kWh) recharge in 8 hours, and can be used in autonomy for up to 70 km. It is also possible to choose the version with removable batteries, so as to always have a set of charged batteries available. The Alke ATX210E vans can transport goods in total safety, keeping the cargo bed protected from atmospheric agents. These electric commercial vehicles will surprise you in the city with their manoeuvrability, while on dirt roads its traction take on rough terrain and slopes.

closed loading compartmentThe box of these mini electric commercial vehicles is not at all small (180x126x123 cm): the internal volume is 2.8 cubic metres. The box is made of plywood panels covered with fibreglass, with aluminium profiles. The platform inside the box is made entirely of aluminium. The box has four sliding side doors to allow the user to quickly and easily reach all corners of the structure, which are also lit with LED lights to optimise consumption.

Alke ATX210E electric commercial vehicles can be used for a multitude of different purposes. The electric commercial vehicles are also equipped with an energy recovery system that can further reduce the already low consumption. They cost about 2 euros to completely "fill up" the vehicle, which consists of completely charging the battery.

mini electric commercial vehicles with van body
ATX210 mini electric commercial vehicles with van body
Mini van with closed cargo bed

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ATX210E van with closed box

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