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In this page we provide you some information about electric cars for transportation. Nowadays people define electric cars many vehicles used in quite different sectors. In our classification an electric car is a vehicle whose dimensions are quite contained and oriented mainly to carry persons in urban areas. In this period the restricted traffic areas in cities are increasingly extended due to the pollution. Only using electric cars you can solve this environmental problem.

Electric car - Zero emissions
Electric car - Zero emissions


comparison between:
standard golf cars*
professional electric cars
electric motor power
2.5-4 kW
6 kW in standard conditions (14 kW peak)
negotiable slope
up to 35% 
loading capacity
100-200 kg
up to 1000 kg
loading bed dimensions
max 50-70 cm
130-180 cm
road approval No Yes
possibility of use on
uneven land
made in generally China Europe
on board battery charger depends on model yes, standard
electronic controller
250-400 A
380 A
chassis structure
aluminum-steel standard section
high resistance tubolar steel structure (the same used for Alkè 4x4 off-road version)
standard electric plug No Yes
Autonomy up to 50 Km
Battery memory effect  Yes  No
Entry price 8.000 Euro 18.000 Euro calculate your break even point

Professional electric cars also called professional electric vehicles are different from these in terms of performances and construction quality and are more suitable for work activities and transport in most different conditions.
Alke' began selling electric cars for work in early 2000 with electric vehicles named AT 100E.
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Over the years the development of the Alkè electric cars for work has increased their performances: greater autonomy, grater loading capacity, grater negotiable slope.
Generally our costumers want to buy an electric car for transportation to be used in cities.
Many of our buyers are shops that have to transport goods from the warehouse to the shop that is into restricted traffic areas. The electric cars for work are also used in the construction sector for the transport of equipment and goods into historical centers.





Electric cars are also used in markets inside the city centers, by municipalities for the maintenance and the delivery of packages and various material.
If you want to have more information about electric cars, click the following wikipedia link

In the general use segment the most common electric cars are made by Ford, Tesla, Hiunday, Smart, Honda and Opel. In the industry sector most of the electric cars for business are usually built by Alke, Taylor-dunn, Smith electric vehicles and Modec.
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(*) The comparison wants to be purely indicative, data reported refer to electric cars of equivalent dimensions to Alke' electric vehicles.