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Alke' ATX Electric atv

Alkè presents the new Alkè ATX electric atv with set-up ideal for off-road use; let’s discover the details of this new set-up.



Among some of the features that make it unique, the new generation ATX electric atv boasts the fact of having technical solutions that mean it does not fear the so-called off-road terrains such as dirt roads, woods, muddy and generally land with poor adherence. 


Why Choose Alkè Electric Vehicles
  • Excellent approach angle and good departure angle
  • Front suspension with independent wheels which allow more comfortable driving
  • Rear suspension with De-Dion bridge and stabilising bar, which adapt to the harshness of the land
  • Differential guard that protects differential and other lower parts of the atv in off-road situations
  • Drive can be compared to 4-wheel drive thanks to the geometry of the suspension
Often people thinking of the electric atv generally believe that this is not very powerful and more delicate than a traditional atv, but below you will find the features that make the ATX electric atv particularly suitable for off-road conditions:


  • High torque available, ideal for heavy duty use
  • Tyres with grip suitable for slippery or loose surfaces
  • Chassis in steel, built to support very heavy loads
  • Distribution of masses ideal for off-road situations
  • Hydraulic tipping optional
  • Electric winch optional
  • European type-approval
  • Type-approved towing hook
  • Snow plough blade optional


All of these features mean that the ATX is among the few electric atv to be used in sectors that are traditionally the prerogative of only diesel or petrol atv. The ATX electric atv can therefore be found in organic vineyards, large estates in the hills, in sandy soils, even in tourist villages in the mountains, in ski resorts, in farm holiday complexes and in many other sectors where a good grip, power and reliability are needed.  







The ATX electric atv has a load capacity of up to 1000 kg and towing capacity up to 3000 kg. The maximum gradient is 35%. Autonomy can reach 130 km, widely covering an entire working day. This electric atv is also fitted with a regenerative braking system, which allows lower average consumption and therefore greater autonomy.

It is also a very compact all-terrain vehicle. This makes it able to go where other means fail, it is therefore ideal for use by the civil protection for example and in general as a vehicle for rescue units even in inaccessible areas. 

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