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Special vehicles for the handling of loads in airports

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Alkè electric airport tractors are ideal for handling loads in airports thanks to their power as well as being small and easy to handle.
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Alkè Electric airport towing tractors
Rear commands for aid coupling and uncoupling of trailers and spotlight
Handling loads in airports requires powerful vehicles that are also small and easy to handle, capable of performing manoeuvres in narrow spaces and in inaccessible areas also. Vehicles with these features are often difficult to find and often a choice must be made between choosing manoeuvrings efficiency and towing power. Alkè, with its line of electric tractors, has designed a completely ecological vehicle able to satisfy both needs.

Maximum traction power 6.500 N
Maximum towing capacity 4.500 Kg
Turning circle 320 cm
Why choose Alke electric airport tractors
  • Towing capacity of 4.500 kg
  • Maximum traction power of 6.500 N
  • Rear commands and work light
  • Extremely compact

rear commands airport towing tractor

Fully electric, the Alkè towing tractors are expressly designed for use in airports and functional to the operator needs. Thanks to the 48V AC electric motor they can reach a power output of 14 kW with a towing capacity of 4,500 Kg and a maximum traction power of 6,500 N. Rear-wheel drive vehicles ATX230EH and ATX240EH, are also capable of handling loads in poorly equipped areas overcoming slopes of 20%. In addition to the lights supplied as standard (sidelights, dipped beam, main beam, turning signals, hazard lights, etc.) our airport vehicles are also equipped with a rear work light to illuminate the coupling and uncoupling area of trailers and generating units and ensure unmatched manoeuvrability in complete safety.

With the help of the rear commands for short movements, the Alkè electric towing tractor allow for the presence of just one operator that, via the appropriate buttons, can easily manage to couple the trailer to the vehicle.

With a very tight turning radius (320 cm) and compact size, these vehicles are ideal for operations inside the baggage handling areas. The electric tractors with loading platform can also carry up to 1,370 kg.

The long-life battery ensures the performance of all operations for the duration of the work shift without the need for intermediate charging. The 240EH model is equipped with a removable battery pack to allow it work on multiple shifts.

Efficiency yes, but also savings, with ATX240EH and ATX230EH not only is it possible to perform all routine airport operations but it is also possible to make savings on fuel costs and to aid the operators during operations thereby ensuring increased productivity and lower operating costs.

The loading area of the Alkè electric airport tractors can be prepared with different equipment depending on the need: body tarp, steel mesh sides, closed loading bed, etc.; Alkè is able to provide valuable support in choosing the best combination to meet the specific needs of each client.

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