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Eco-friendly all-terrain vehicles for organic vineyards Alke'

Eco-friendly all-terrain vehicles for vineyards


Alke' eco-friendly all-terrain vehicles are also perfectly suited for off-road use, which is why they are used in organic vineyards in the countryside and on hillsides. These vehicles are extremely versatile and because of this feature botanical gardens very often choose them for numerous activities.

Alke' electric vehicles for organic vineyards

  • 100% electric: no polluting emissions
  • Extremely compact: only 140 cm wide
  • Suitable even for off-road use
  • Maximum negotiable slope of 35%



Agricultural off-road vehicles for organic vineyards Alkè


Agricultural off-road vehicles for organic vineyards

Alkè all terrain electric vehicles are widely used in organic vineyards because they do not pollute with exhaust gases and are among the few that have the necessary power to be able to work in light off-road conditions and on hillsides, a very demanding task for an electric vehicle. These vehicles are very compact (140 cm wide) but also very robust, and are generally used by civil protection services. These vehicles are able to cope with climbs of up to 30-35% and have an unrivalled towing capacity. In vineyards and botanical gardens, they are generally used for maintenance and transportation of material and equipment. And thanks to the multiple tyre options, including off-road and turf tyres, they can handle all types of terrain with ease.


Electric vehicle for farm Alke'


Electric farm vehicle for farms and botanic gardens

Alkè off-road vehicles can also have Off-Road trim. The ATX series of electric vehicles represents the TOP as far as electric vehicles for agricultural and off-road use are concerned. These vehicles are used on the plains as well as in hilly or mountainous areas and on islands. Alke' vehicles are capable of tackling difficult dirt roads and climbs with significant differences in height. They are also extremely compact, so they can easily pass through vineyards and orchards. Their manoeuvrability makes them the most suitable choice for use in confined areas, and despite being compact they deliver a very high performance.


Eco-friendly all-terrain vehicle for organic vineyard and botanic garden Alke'


Alke' ecological work vehicles - Versatility and a wide range of equipment to choose from

Alke eco-friendly all-terrain vehicles are highly appreciated for a whole series of features that are hard to find in other zero emission vehicles. Construction quality is undoubtedly one of the main ones, as these vehicles are made entirely in Italy with high-quality European components. The performance is high, certainly higher than that of vehicles in the same category. The versatility of Alkè electric vehicles is certainly one of their strong points. They can be used in many different areas and for many different purposes. The chassis is extremely robust. They have a high performance even on the open road and can cope with critical non-road terrain. Despite their robustness, they are also used on turfgrass, with special tyres that ensure that the greenery is not damaged. The possibility of choosing from a wide range of configurations makes these zero-emission vehicles certainly very appreciated.




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