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Sustainable mobility: the new London bicycle lane project that will be activated in 2012 for the most ecological Olympics in history.


London's project for improved mobilty: 6.000 bicycles, 400 bicycle parking stations, 17 square miles of operative area in the city centre and 15 Alkè electric vehicles that each transport up to 400 bikes a day.
There is also available the Barklay Cycle Hire system that has a series of automated terminals that inform you on the nearest docking station.

Carico biciclette della piste ciclabili di Londra su veicoli elettrici Alkè

The electric vehicles used: in order to transport the bikes among the various docking stations, Alkè ATX 280E green cars are used. They have a load capacity of 1.000Kg and an on the road towing capacity of 1500Kg (3000Kg on private ground).
When: this summer London saw the launch of an innovative bicycle lane project in order to improve mobility and reduce air pollution. For further information you can
The idea: to create a network of bicycle lanes to allow cyclists to move around the City of London without polluting the air. During high load hours the bikes are moved from the busiest stations to the emptiest using Electric green vehicles, that feature zero CO2 emissions too.
Where the bicycles are kept: 400 docking stations are positioned around the City. The quantity of available bikes is constantly maintained through an exchange network created with Alkè electric vans. In the following video you can see in detail how docking stations and bicycle hire work.



The London cycle lane project was presented this summer on the 30th of July. From that date to today (28th september 2010) thare have already been 500.000 "bicycle rides", a real record. The highest usage was seen in concomitance with the underground train strike. Here at Alkè we’re proud to contribute with our electric vehicles to make cleaner and more sustainable cities: in fact electric engines have a better performance than traditional petrol engines that waste most of their energy in noise, vibrations and heat.



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