Alke' professional clean vehicles are even able to operate in extreme temperatures, in the case of activities in areas with elevated temperatures (middle east, desert areas, etc.), they are equipped to withstand high temperatures and are able to ensure passenger comfort.


clean vehicles for high temperatures


Alke electric vehicles for areas with elevated temperatures



Alke battery powered trucks are suitable to operate even at high temperatures because the materials are designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 50° C, both regarding the electrical components as well as the plastics and other materials. The smooth running and a deterioration of materials as slow as possible must be guaranteed.

What characteristics distinguish these clean vehicles?

Alke' professional vehicles have been designed respecting a number of parameters that allow high performance even at elevated temperatures.

  • resistance to temperatures exceeding 50° C
  • air conditioning system tested up to 56° C (even higher than military vehicles)
  • chassis capacity up to 1500 kg

The colours used for the body and chassis must be resistant to intense sunlight and surface temperatures that, especially with dark bodies, can be over 70° C at certain times of the day (generally we recommend our customers opt for light colours, white being the ideal choice).
For passenger comfort (2 or 4 passengers depending on the model chosen), ALKE ATX vehicles can be equipped with air conditioning system for use in extreme temperatures. This air conditioning system, created exclusively for ALKE, is tested up to 56° C (to give an idea, tests for military vehicles are performed at lower temperatures).
Even the batteries need to be configured so as to be able to work more easily in these temperatures, this setting operation (software and physical) is performed at the ALKE factory once the destination of the vehicle is known.


electric vehicle with air conditioning


Electric Vehicle with air conditioning



The design features adopted for high temperatures

There are usually other critical elements to be reckoned with in conjunction with high temperatures, primarily the presence of a high moisture content which makes the liveability of the passengers more critical; secondly, the presence of sand in desert areas or salt in coastal areas, which can corrode the metal structures of the vehicles in question or even the electrical contacts.

ALKE battery powered trucks have operated for years without any problems in such environments due to design features such as for example the use of cataphoresis processes during the preparation of the chassis and other metal parts or the use of materials that are hardly effected by oxides or through the implementation of electrical wiring and connectors protected from external agents.


clean vehicles for desert areas


clean vehicles for desert areas



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