Vehicles for civil defence

Vehicles for civil defence


Civil defence, army, police and firefighting units have tested Alke' electric vehicles and expressed their appreciation for their robustness and power, making them suitable for use in the management of emergencies, as well as simply for territorial control operations.


Why choose Alke' electric vehicles:

  • Top performance vehicles
  • Ideal for used in enclosed environments or ATEX explosive environments
  • Up to 1630 kg of load capacity and 4,500 kg of towing capacity (in private areas) or 2,000 kg (on road)
  • Up to 200 km of autonomy
  • Extremely compact vehicle: 140 cm width


Vehicles with set-ups for Civil Protection applications

Alke' electric vehicles are used for daytime and nocturnal surveillance in airports, shopping centres, hospitals, industrial plants and logistics centres or as electric ambulances for use in enclosed areas, such as hospitals, trade fairs and stadiums. Electric vehicles are also used for beach rescue operations and in tourist areas. They are used both for local surveillance and assistance operations, as well as in the management of emergencies. Indeed, thanks to the wide range of set-ups available, Alke' civil protection vehicles can be used for a wide range of activities.


Alke' Army Vehicles

The ultimate in electric-powered vehicles

Military electric vehicles


Vehicles for civil defence - Examples of use and configurations

in light of the fact that they can be used in enclosed places, Alkè ambulance vehicles can be used for transporting patients inside hospitals set up inside large trade fair exhibition structures, as occurs in health emergencies.
Alkè electric vehicles are also extremely useful in the management of natural disasters such as earthquakes, when people are housed in sports halls or other large structures. In such instances, these vehicles can move safely within these spaces in order to deliver basic necessities. The fact that they are electric and extremely compact enables these civil protection vehicles to access areas where there is no facility for refuelling, or where there are narrow passages that are not accessible by traditional means.
The aerial platform set-up can be useful for checking and maintaining the facades of buildings affected by earthquakes, for example. Other civil protection activities in which these vehicles can be used include the provision of support to municipalities for the surveillance and control of the local area, as well as the provision of support during major events.

icon features
  • health emergency
  • ability to work indoors
  • management of natural disasters
  • provision of support to municipalities for the surveillance and control of the local territory
  • major events
  • industrial emergency

Hundreds of configurations available!

Loading bed

Electric utility vehicles with loading bed
Electric vehicle with load capacity of up to 1,630 kg.

Electric cargo vans

Electric cargo vans Alke'
Electric work vans for freight and logistics applications.

Electric ambulance

Electric ambulance alke
Electric vehicle for first aid.

Towing vehicles with trailers

Towing vehicles with trailers
Electric vehicle with towing capacity of up to 2,000 kg on the road and 4,500 kg in private environments.

Electric fire-fighting vehicles

Electric fire-fighting vehicles
Small pickups with fire-fighting set-up.

Snowplough vehicles

Snowplough vehicles
Compact and easy to handle snow ploughs with easily removable snow blade.


Alke electric vehicles ATX - Type approved for road use


How to move around hangars and warehouses with an Alke' electric vehicle

Alkè electric vehicles are excellent vehicles for army and civil protection applications, to be used for operations in hangars and warehouses where normal diesel and petrol vehicles cannot be operated. Alkè electric vehicles are very robust, and are capable of carrying chassis loads of up to 1630 kg; they come equipped with a tow hitch for towing trailers, and can also be used as a snow plough vehicle. With Alkè vehicles, civil protection units can transport medical aid equipment. Alkè off-road mini transporters are used as small special emergency vehicles; they can access areas that other vehicles cannot get to, including narrow roads and enclosed spaces. These electric vehicles are also available in an explosion-proof version, in order to access spaces with an explosion risk. Alkè civil protection vehicles can be customised with luminous and adhesive devices.


Electric vehicles
Environmentally-friendly vehicle Does not pollute with exhaust gases
Silent vehicle No noise pollution
Much more powerful engine Able to overcome negotiable slope up to 35%
Autonomy Up to 200 Km, one of the electric vehicles with the highest autonomy.
Excellent load capacity Depending on the model, Alke' offers a load capacity of between 600 kg and 1630 kg.
Very robust construction Chassis derived from military vehicles.
Low consumption Autonomy of up to 200 km with just 2 - 4 Euro, with a considerable energy saving.
Remarkable towing capacity Alke' electric vehicles can tow up to 4,500 kg



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