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Alkè electric vehicles use traction lead acid batteries and the autonomy is about 70-90 Km, which corresponds to an entire working day even when many stops are required.


Batteries for traction


Batteries for traction




The re-charge of drive batteries, normally carried out during the downtime, takes place using the high frequency battery-charger present on the machine, this means it can be connected anywhere there is a common main socket without being restrained to fixed bases.
The special battery chargers used by the ATX E guarantee a greater number of charges with respect to the technologies commonly used (greater number of charges = longer life of the battery set = saving of management costs). It is not necessary to wait for the battery to be totally flat before re-charging it, the so-called “memory effect” present in other lower sectors is not found here. The drive batteries must be re-charged (if the vehicle is not used) at least once a month.