Atex electric vehicles designed to meet the safety requirements of the Oil & Gas industry. Electric ambulances, electric golf carts with special certifications (ATEX, EX, IECEx).

Explosion proof electric vehicles ALKE electric vehicles for the Oil & Gas industry
ATEX electric vehicles for the Oil & Gas industry
Explosion proof electric vehicles for zones 1 and 2

While Alkè has been providing the Oil & Gas sector with its ATEX proof electric vehicles for years now, the need has recently arisen among the industry's major players to increase the safety levels within their production and extraction facilities, as well as to maximise the operational performance levels of their internal logistics structures.

Alkè's electric vehicles with explosion protection certification (ATEX, EX, IECEx) are the most highly-qualified units available for these purposes, which is why the top management figures of some of the world's leading oil & gas companies have turned to Alkè to help them come up with the best possible logistics solutions for their areas at risk of explosion using Alkè ATEX electric vehicles.
These vehicles are often customised to meet the specific requirements of the individual end users (e.g. special loading area configurations, special lighting solutions, like headlights for nocturnal surveillance activities, emergency ambulance configurations, solutions for transporting special equipment or materials, explosion and fire proof vehicles, etc.).
The most popular solutions currently being requested are those which are certified according to the ATEX regulations for use in zone 2 (3G IIB T3) and zone 1 (2G IIB T3). The latter are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide for greater safety and flexibility (in fact, explosion proof electric vehicles certified for use in zone 1 can also be used in zone 2, but not vice versa).

The various parts of the ATEX proof electric vehicles are listed below:

All the parts of the vehicle are compliant with the current standards (ATEX, EX, IECEx, etc,). The battery pack has the following characteristics:

Explosion proof electric vehicles battery pack 2G atex ex iecex
ATEX electric vehicles battery pack
Drive battery pack ATEX zone 1 category 2G

Now let's have a look at the cab, which comes complete with specially certified instrumentation (ATEX, EX, IECEx):

Explosion proof electric vehicles for use in the Oil&Gas industry
ATEX electric vehicles for use in the Oil&Gas industry
Our Explosion proof electric vehicles can be equipped with either 2 or 4 seater cabs

Detailed view of the battery pack with a specially certified attachment (ATEX, EX, IECEx):

Battery pack detachment with certified switch (ATEX, EX, IECEx)
Battery pack detachment with certified switch (ATEX, EX, IECEx)
ATEX, EX, IECEx golf cart for areas at risk of explosion


The electronic components of ALKÈ ATEX electric vehicles are protected by a special certified casing (ATEX, EX, IECEx)

On our explosion proof electric vehicles, the electronic components are housed within a certified ATEX, EX, IECEx casing
Electronic components are housed within a certified ATEX, EX, IECEx casing.
Detailed view of one of Alkè's smaller ATEX electric vehicles


Small Explosion proof electric vehicles for Atex 2G work activities
Small Atex electric vehicles for Atex 2G work activities
Vehicles with ATEX, EX, IECEx certifications suitable for heavier usage requirements

In terms of models, the most popular are the 4 seater vehicles (AXT240ED 2G and 3G) as these allow space for teams of up to 4 individuals inside the cab, and can even carry up to 6 people if equipped with the special people-carrier module in the loading area.

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