Explosion proof vehicles should be chosen depending on the ATEX classification area in which they will operate. 

ATEX classification coverage Alkè explosion proof vehicles
Based on EU directive 94/9/CE different solutions are available from Alkè:
  • 2G and 3G for surface activity in environments with potential presence of flammable gases (IIB-T3)
  • 2D and 3D for surface activity in environments with potential presence of flammable dusts (IIB-T3)
  • M2 for underground activity inside not coal mines tunnels (T450°C)
  • M2 for underground activity inside coal mines (T150°C)
As general information we remind that vehicles are certified to work with:
  • group IIB covers also group IIA (but not the opposite)
  • zone 2G can work also with zone 3G (but not the opposite)
  • zone 2D can work also with zone 3D (but not the opposite)
  • zone M2 with T<150°C can work also with zone with T<450°C (but not the opposite)
  • temperature class T3 covers also T2 and T1 (but not the opposite)
Hereafter a table that can help you in identifying the proper explosion proof vehicle model: 
Equipment group Group I (Mines)
Equipment category  M2
Temperatures according to coal dust accumulation on equipment T<150°C
coal mines
not coal
mine tunnels
Alke ATEX vehicle model ATEX M2 150 ATEX M2 450
Equipment group Group II (Surface Industry)
Equipment category  2 3
Type of explosive atmosphere
(G=gas-vapor-mist, D=dust)
Zone 1 21 2 22
Explosive atmosphere Not likely to be present Accidentally presen
Auto ignition temperature of the hazardous material
(Temperature class)
T1=450°C, T2=300°C, T3=200°C,
T4=135°C, T5=100°C, T6=85°C
T3 T3 T3 T3
Alke ATEX vehicle model ATEX 2G IIB T3 ATEX 2D IIB T3 ATEX 3G IIB T3 ATEX 3D IIB T3
Under request the following special versions can be quoted/supplied:
  • Vehicles for environments with presence of explosive materials (eg. Warehouses for ammunitions and products for fireworks) with IP 5X and IP 4X protection
  • Vehicles with temperature class T4 (135°C)
  • Vehicles with combined protection 2G+2D or 3G+3D
explosion-proof-vehicles-alke-catalogAlkè models available with ATEX explosion-proof conversion are ATX210E and ATX240E. The autonomy on standard routes for some models can reach up to 100 km. The load capacity is up to 1000 kg and the towing capacity is up to 3000 kg. They have high performance and an extremely solid construction.

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