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Alke' Airport luggage vehicles

Perfect for airport applications

Alke' Airport luggage vehicles - Ready for work in airport areas

Alke' ATX are not just electric and high performing work vehicles: they can fit perfectly any kind of working situation! They are compact, sturdy, ecologic and perfect for airports and what concern luggage transport!


Why choose Alkè ATX vehicles for airports?

  • Strong and sturdy: loading bed capacity from 1.370 to 1.770 kilos (depending on the battery)
  • Powerful: towing capacity of more than 4.500 kilos
  • No more high costs of refuelling: only 2 euro for a full charge.
  • Agile: compact and easy manoeuvrable (turn radius: 3,200 mm)


ATX electric vehicles for airports


ATX vehicles for luggage transport

Alke' politics is to give its customers high quality vehicles capable of doing whatever they need. This mindset brought to life ATX vehicles for luggage transport. Airports are chaotic places made by planes, people and luggages: to work perfectly, everything has to be combined correctly. So, to make the job of an airport operator easier, Alke' has created its ATX vehicles for luggage transport.
These vehicles are composed by steel chassis with corrosion proofing treatment and a bodywork made by impact resistant fiberglass. So, they are resistant, durable and safe. The cargo area changes in accordance to the type of configuration chosen, which may be a flat cargo bed, a cargo bed with drop sides or a cargo bed with steel mesh sides. All these configurations can be used to personalise the ATX chosen in order to better meet the customer needs.
All Alke' vehicles for luggage transport are fully electric, which means no more high costs of refuelling: are necessary only 2 euro for a full charge.
In addition to this, there’s the ecologic question. Alke' ATX, in fact, are green zero emission vehicles. This point is extremely important to Alkè company: we strongly support sustainable mobility.


ATX electric vehicles performance for airport applications


ATX performances

The ATX models that better fit the role of “luggage carrier” are 240EH and 240EHL. These two models have a load capacity of more than 1000 kilos and a towing capacity of about 3000 kilos. Depending on the type of battery used - acid lead, gel and lithium - these capacities can be improved significantly. Their autonomy ranges from 60 to 150 km with a charge (depending on the usage) and their speed goes from 35 to 44 km/h.
With their small size, the ATX 240 can reach any area of the airport without causing any trouble. They can load and unload baggage and other stuff easily, without making noise and without polluting air. Thanks to the AC electric motor these vehicles are able to perform optimally both on flat and inclined surfaced. They can easily handle a slope of 35%.


For luggage transport in airports Alke' recommends:


Model ATX240EH An electric vehicle with a maximum towing capacity of 4,500 kg, an autonomy of up to 100 km (depending on the type of battery), and a cargo bed measuring 1,800 mm x 1,240 mm. Furthermore, for 24-hour use, it can be installed with an optional removable battery pack.
download technical specs
Model ATX240EHL Choose the EHL version if you need a vehicle with a longer and wider load compartment (2,000 mm x 1,300 mm | length x width).
download technical specs
Equipment: towing vehicle with trailer Thanks to their heightened towing capacity, these vehicles facilitate the transport of baggage, goods, equipment, etc.
Equipment: cargo box Closed container with sliding doors on both sides (2 on each side), interior LED light, and lock. Thermally insulated.



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