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virtual tour with an alke electric vehicle

Virtual tour with an Alke' electric vehicle

Virtual tour with the Alke electric vehicle. The Alke' high-performance electric vehicle underwent a road test on a mixed route: urban, suburban, hillside.


Alke' vehicle in virtual tour - Key features

  • Maximum negotiable slope: 35%
  • Electric motor with high torque and gradual power distribution
  • Components and technical solutions derived from the off-road sector
  • Maximum load capcity 1630 kg (chassis) and towing capacity 4500 kg
  • Maximum autonomy 200 km with lithium battery


test drive electric vehicle alke atx


Test drive with Alkè electric vehicle

The vehicle used for the virtual tour is an Alkè ATX. Through the virtual tour it is possible to see the route taken by the vehicle, which is a mixed route, passing from an urban route to a hilly one, passing through an extra-urban one. In this context, you can see the vehicle's extensive capabilities, capable of overcoming even steep gradients. If you need to tackle climbs of up to 35% Alke proposes the Alkè ATX electric vehicles, among the very few electric vehicles with traction comparable to 4x4 vehicles in the same category.


capacity towing vehicle electricity


Virtual tour - The various stages of the test

In the first phase of the test, we tried the eco mode and then the sport mode, and then we reached the maximum speed of the vehicle, which is 44 km/h. This allows the vehicle, which is N1-approved, to drive short distances on national or provincial roads. The vehicle also had about 400 kg of payload on board. In the second phase of the test, the vehicle was tested in the city, where it finds its best use. In an urban environment, the maximum speed is usually 30-50 km/h and there are many stop-and-go's. It is precisely in this context that the vehicle is best used. It is precisely in this context that an electric vehicle has the greatest economic advantages, since a stationary electric motor consumes no energy, unlike a combustion engine which consumes and emits CO2. A further energy recovery occurs during deceleration when the energy regeneration system comes into operation, recovering up to 30% of the energy spent during acceleration.


traction as 4x4 electric vehicle


Route monitoring thanks to Vehicle Body Computer

The vehicle tested was also equipped with the Alke Vehicle Body Computer (VBC) and it was therefore possible to track complete telemetry of the entire route, allowing us to study the driver's driving style and monitor the vehicle at all stages. With Google Earth it was also possible to track the altimetry and this allowed us to see that about 400 meters uphill and the same amount downhill were covered, the highest point was reached at 146m of altitude in Arquà Petrarca.


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