Since January 2015, Alkè electric vehicles have been operating in the Pescara fish market. In order to improve services for its people, the city decided to replace the old three-wheeled vehicles with two Alkè electric vehicles for transporting the catch from the wharfs to the sales room.

Electric vehicles for the fish market Smart


Electric vehicles for smart fish markets

Alkè electric vehicles for transporting the catch from the wharfs to the sales room.



The electric vehicles chosen by the city to connect the wharf with the market are two ATX210E certified for road traffic and with a frame load capacity of 635 kg. In a private area, this type of vehicle is able to tow up to 2,000 kg without difficulty.

The reasons behind the choice

With just €2 worth of recharge this type of vehicle, capable of reaching a maximum speed of 44 km/h, ensures an autonomy of up to 70 km at 30 km/h on level surfaces and with optimal driving conditions. Complete with AC electric motor and regenerative brake, they not only guarantee excellent performance and manoeuvring ease but also a reduction in consumption (thanks to the energy recovered by the regenerative brake) and extremely high safety standards.

Pescara fish market electric vehicles The 14 kW motor allows the ATX210E to also travel over winding roads and difficult terrain. These electric vehicles manage 35% slopes while maintaining their performance. With the use of Mac Pherson struts the vehicle also ensures better comfort for the driver and driving precision.
The cabin is equipped with a CURTIS display for the speedometer, battery level, engine temperature, inverter temperature, inverter errors, inverter output current, and a control board display including a counter, high beam indicator, position, direction detectors, emergency, and oil and brake indicator lights.
With its increased battery autonomy, the efficiency of the electric vehicles remains unchanged for the entire shift as they are designed to meet work loads exceeding 8 hours. For this reason, the cabin was also accessorized with a 12V outlet for connecting mobile phones, radios, and other electronic devices. There is an optional interior electric heating system or Webasto that makes it possible to deal with any weather conditions while maintaining ideal comfort and safety conditions for the driver.
All ATX210E electric vehicles can be equipped with trailers to tow up to 3,000 kg in private areas and 275 kg over the road using only electric power.
Due to their features, Alkè electric vehicles with trailers are suitable for any activity from transporting merchandise, as is the case in Pescara, to performing wheeled sales activities. They are perfect on the road and for performing ordinary and extraordinary activities inside stations, covered markets, industries, and airports. The ATX210E has European certification.

Pescara fish market electric vehicles and traceability software

With software to ensure product traceability, apps that allow the consumer to learn abut the freshness of the catch "Today Pescara is one of the top cities for technological services and aims for quality. After the technological vanguard, Pescara chose to renew its transports, choosing a green, powerful, and safe option.

electric traction refrigerated vehicles for the fish marketFor fish markets in city centres, Alkè also offers refrigerated vehicles, ideal for transporting fish from the large distribution centres to LTZ areas in the historic centres of cities where markets are usually held once a week. Alkè electric vehicles are ideal in this context as they have very compact dimensions (only 127 cm wide) and manage to pass through small avenues in various cities.