veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

The Alkè XT420E 4x4 vehicle is among the first electric vehicles with 4WD and excellent performance.

Off road vehicle XT420E
Electric 4x4 vehicles XT420E
Electric vehicle XT420E with permanent 4-wheel drive

The electric 4WD vehicle XT420E is the fruit of Alkè’s 12 years’ experience in the electric off-road vehicle sector.

The XT420E and XT420EL are flag-ship models in the XT range, with permanent 4-wheel drive. This type of vehicle is supplied with triple differential, reduced mechanical gears and central and rear differential blocking, as well as a futuristic design and state-of-the-art technology.
The performance of the XT420E vehicles has already been tested in the field and anyone trying it has remained speechless. Just think, they can climb 46% hills without problems, something unimaginable for an electric vehicle, until today.

The Alke’ XT420E 4WD vehicle is ideal on road routes characterized by challenging slopes or with the presence of ice or snow is also ideal in environments characterized by small areas of work, thanks to a width of only 142.5 cm.

The XT420 4WD vehicles (E or EL version) also have towing capacity of 4000 kg (1500 on public roads) and the possibility to be customised with different set-ups: chassis only version, basic deck version, with aluminium side panels, three-side lifting, with metal sides, waste removal tank version in aluminium, van version with side shutters, version with box tarpaulin and many more.



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Other models in the XT vehicles range:

  • XT320E
  • XT320EL

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Alke' XT420E

Technical Specs off road electric vehicle Alke' XT420E
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Virtual tour

Virtual tour with an Alkè XT electric vehicle

Virtual tour realised with an XT electric vehicle. The Alkè XT high performance electric vehicle has undergone a road test on mixed terrain: urban, rural, hillside.

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