veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

Alkè vehicles with utility trailer are used for many works and it seems incredible that an electric vehicle can tow up to 3000 kg.

Vehicle with utility trailer
Alkè ATX utility vehicles with trailer type-approved in Europe
Small electric trucks with towing capability

The Alkè electric trucks in the ATX range are high performance utility vehicles capable of towing up to a maximum of 3000/4000 Kg in a private area. Thanks to the use of the latest technology and their extremely sturdy mechanics, they are ideal on the road, easy to handle and very comfortable also when driving on dirt roads. The Alkè utility vehicles provide the driver with smooth, pleasant and extremely simple driving, even after many hours of work.

urban transport vehicles
Alke' Transporter with 3 trailers in Utrecht Holland Electric Mobility Award
The high towing capacity (up to 4 tons) is made possible by the technical and structural features of the vehicle. All the Alkè utility vehicles, in fact, are assembled using the latest technologies and manufacturing equipment. The use of extremely sturdy chassis and the use of the latest high power AC motors make the Alkè towing utility vehicles among the best on the market. The result of the research and development is a high performance electric vehicle with excellent towing power: it is possible to tow a load of 3000/4000 Kg using just the electric power.


Alkè trailers 

Alkè, thanks to its wide range of fittings, can provide its clients with a range of trailers with various sizes and capacities complete with drop sides and steel mesh sides. The wide range of choices provides a high degree of customisation that can satisfy any requirement. The Alkè Vehicles with utility trailer are, in fact, widely used on a daily basis in numerous sectors: goods transport, waste removal, refrigerated transport, commercial transportation businesses, etc.

The Alkè utility vehicles for towing are the ideal transport vehicles for airports, ports, electric power stations and large industrial establishments. In fact, thanks to the high towing capacity, the make it easy to transport luggage, merchandise, material to be stored and raw materials. The possibility of towing up to 3000/4000 Kg with a single vehicle, with a single journey, means a drastic reduction in the time needed for moving, thereby allowing you to optimise airport and port services (civil or commercial) and industrial production chains. 

Alkè utility vehicle models and their towing capacity

Electric vehicles Towing capacity
ATX electric vehicles for the industrial sector 4000 Kg
Electric Golf Cart for the tourism sector 3500 Kg
ATX 230E - ATX 240E (chassis load capacity 1000Kg)
3000 Kg
ATX 110EATX 210E (chassis load capacity 645Kg) 2000 Kg
ATX 210E AR - Waste collection vehicle
2000 Kg
Vehicles with cold storage 2000 Kg

The various models can meet the requirements of all commercial businesses. Thanks to the support of highly qualified Alkè personnel, it is possible to choose the most suitable features for your business, while at the same time saving on fuel and logistic costs.

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Custom Electric Vehicles

Custom Electric Vehicles
Requests at the Alkè 'Custom Solutions' office include:
- vehicles custom colors

Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars- up to 3.000kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

4x4 Utility Vehicles


4x4 utility vehicles
- permanent 4WD
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 46% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
4x4 utility vehicles

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