Snow blade L150cm with hydraulic lifter and rotation, unhooking spring and replaceable rubber runner (to combine with the loading bed electro-hydraulic tipping and to the snow blade hydraulic kit).

Snow blade for ALKE Vehicles
Snow blade for transporter ALKE'
Description:  Snow blade for Alkè vehicles. This snow blade is provided with lifting and hydraulic rotation, is adjustable both left and right and has emergency release springs and replaceable rubber slide block to have a very good adherence with the ground.
Accessory code: [100.040]
Accessories needed: Accessories that must be fitted before install the snow blade:
  1. Electro-hydraulic tipping
  2. Snow blade hydraulic kit
Vehicles where you can fit this option:  all ATX utility vehicles
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Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars- up to 4.500kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.630kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

Utility Vehicles


4x4 utility vehicles
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
utility vehicles

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