veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè
veicoli elettrici alkè

Alkè Industry electric vehicles are used in industry for many activities: transport and logistics, as well as surveillance of plants, maintenance services for machinery and equipment, firefighting services, cleaning, internal mail services.

Electric vehicles used in the industrial sector
Electric vehicles used in the industrial sector
Industry electric vehicles for industrial logistics

The most suited configuration depends mainly on the planned use of the vehicle. First of all, the required load capacity has to be determined. For the ALKE' range this could be 500kg (ATX110E and ATX210E), 800kg (ATX230ED and ATX 240ED) or 1,000kg (ATX230E and ATX240E).

Industry electric vehicles with double cabThen the number of passengers is usually 2, but you can request a cab that can fit 4 people at once (ATX230ED e ATX240ED) or integration of the loading area with the rear people carrier module, which adds two temporary places that can be removed so that the entire loading area is accessible.

It is also necessary to assess the daily autonomy required, which can be up to 70km (ATX210E, ATX230E and ATX230ED), 100km (ATX240E and ATX240ED) or more, with the use of the latest generation lithium batteries or a removable battery set that can double the autonomy (up to 200Km) or even triple it (up to 300Km), making double or triple work shifts possible.

Industry electric vehicles suited for use in industrial plants
Industry electric vehicles suited for use in industrial plants
Electric vehicles with ATEX certification for use in closed spaces

All the electric burden carrier mentioned are also ideal for use in closed spaces, thanks to the zero emissions electric engine. In addition, in all cases we are talking about high-power vehicles that can travel in multi-level areas where the presence of ramps (and therefore slopes) is often critical for normal industrial vehicles designed for activities on only one level.

Industry electric vehicles with trailerThe towing capacity of ALKE' Industry electric vehicles can reach up to 3,000Kg without problems, making their use highly flexible once coupled with suitable trailers or fitted with special equipment. The standard versions of these vehicles are provided with an open cab, but on request there can be closed configurations with heating or air conditioning. Both right-hand drive and left-hand drive are available. ALKE' Industry electric vehicles, with advanced control electronics installed, are perfect for a high number of stops and departures, a common factor when operating in industrial or logistic plants. The configuration of the loading area is extremely flexible and you can choose from versions with a flatbed with drop sides that can be opened, or closed VAN versions with body tarp or special equipment to manage very specific activities, such as waste collection, the use of vacuum fans or water jets, firefighting pumps, etc.

The Industry electric vehicles are used in a variety of sectors:

All of these vehicles can be fitted with a snow blade to transform vehicles used daily for transport into small, agile snow-removal vehicles, with just a few minutes required for mounting the snow blade. It is an essential tool if you need to be operative in very tight time frames when there is unexpected snow, and it can be integrated at the loading area level with a special salt spreading device to prevent the formation of ice in the outside areas of plants.

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ATX vehicles catalogue

electric vehicles catalog atx
Download ATX electric vehicles catalogue

Alke' References

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Vehicle with body tarp

Vehicle with body tarp
- 2,250 Lt loading volume
- steel guards
- approved for road transit
- 100% manufactured in Italy

ATEX vehicles catalog

explosion proof vehicles alke catalog
Download Explosion proof vehicles catalog.

Utility Vehicles with mesh sides

Vehicle with utility trailer

Vehicle with utility trailer
- towing capacity up to 3,000 kg

Snow blade

Snow plow for utv
Snow blade for ALKE' vehicles with controls inside the cab for tight streets, bike paths and footpaths.


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