Alkè can be a perfect partner for fleet management because can provide a large number of options and personalized solutions.

Alkè can be the perfect partner for your fleet project: more than 10 different versions of vehicles, the possibility to choose between many options and accessories and the certainty to have a priority relation with our Custom Solutions department. 
XT range has a system that enables performance recording and remote diagnosis for a better management of fleet. 
Alke' Development Department can assist the fleet manager in identifying the best solutions for the composition of the fleet of electric vehicles and eventually study with him customized solutions in the case of special needs.
Don't hesitate to contact us, we'll help you in your project development.


Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars- up to 3.000kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

4x4 Utility Vehicles


4x4 utility vehicles
- permanent 4WD
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 46% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
4x4 utility vehicles

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