Here are the new XT320E electric vehicles, the revolutionary electric vehicles with performance and comfort never previously attained.

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Futuristic Design, State-of-the-Art technical solutions and 12 years of experience - Alkè is a pioneer in the field of off-road electric vehicles. These are the elements that distinguish this new line of vehicles.

The XT320E electric vehicles have a 12kW AC electric motor with impressive performance. 

The XT320E are rear wheel drive electric vehicles with mechanical low gear and locking rear differential. These are the ideal electric vehicles for urban or mixed routes.
Features Description
Dimensions length with loading platform: 3760 mm (version E), 4110 (version EL);
width: 1425 mm;
height: 2050 mm
Turning radius 3030mm
Load capacity 1045 kg
Maximum towing capacity 3000 kg
Maximum gradability 32%
Maximum speed 58 km/h



In the XT320E maximum stability and riding comfort are guaranteed by independent air suspension with on board compressor, mechanical power brakes and power steering.

Within the climate-control cab with heating and air conditioning* all the functions can be monitored on the large 7” digital display at the centre of the dashboard (over 40 functions displayed), from which you can select the settings of the machine to fit working conditions requirements (eco, sport, mountain, towing).

The driver’s position has been designed from an ergonomic viewpoint even for very tall people (1.90-2.00 m tall). Central locking with remote control, power Windows, burglar alarm doors*, car stereo with DVD /MP3* player, glove compartment, 12V outlet further enhance the already great arrangement of this vehicle.

The XT320E electric vehicle is available with two different steps with different length in the loading area. 2.2 m (model "E") or 2.7 m ("EL").

Electric vehicles Alkè XT320E can carry up to 1,045 Kg on the loading platform and up to 4,000 kg in tow (1,500 Kg on the road).


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The minivan Alkè XT320E has a system for performance recording and remote diagnosis of malfunctions in the electronic parts (engine, batteries, charger, controller, electrical, auxiliary applications, etc).

Daytime headlights in LED technology to drastically reduce consumption, increasing the range of the vehicle. These electric vehicles have engine braking with energy recovery which increases the range of the electric vehicle.  


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(*) optional accessories

Technical specifications, design and performance of the products listed are subject to change without prior notice.


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