Alke's ongoing commitment to protect the environment is demonstrated not only by the production of zero-emission vehicles but also by its way of working.

Alke' Solar panel powered electric vehicles


The Alke' philosophy has always been to produce high quality and high performance vehicles, in continuous evolution for the professional market, and the new target is to reduce environmental impact for our electric vehicles production chain. 

The commitment of Alke' relates to various aspects:

  • Respect for the environment
  • Respect for human labour
  • To promote Made in Italy
  • Constantly available spare parts in the shortest possible time

Respect for the environment

Vehicles with recyclable packagingThe packaging of our vehicles is done with recyclable materials (cardboard and wood), we don’t use polystyrene packaging any more. We guarantee that the batteries we retire are recycled in a correct manner and delivered to Cobat. (National Consortium for Exhausted Batteries). We have reduced paper wastage to a minimum in our advertising by trying to use an electronic format for our brochures as much as possible and only sending them when really necessary. The official recognition of the mode of operation of Alke' in continuous improvement and respect of the environment is evidenced by the obtained certification according to ISO 14001 for environmental protection (as well as ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001).

Respect for human labour

We do as much as possible to keep our establishment and stockists in Italy even though it can cost more, because we believe that keeping a short distribution chain can help the current difficult economical situation in Italy.

We promote Italian made electric vehicles

Along our whole production line we use mainly Italian products (practically all Alke's stockists distribute Italian products except tyres and batteries). Which are submitted to much more intense controls for health and quality compared to Cinese products. For example, the paint and framework are completely developed by local firms near Padova. Having most of the production in Italy allows us to sustain the 0 km production philosophy.

Constantly available spare parts in the shortest time

If you buy one of our electric vehicles, you can be sure you'll be able to repair and reuse them for a long time: at the moment we're capable of repairing and allowing the use of Alke' vehicles built as far back as 1998.

If you agree with Alke' philosophy about environment and way of working and you really want to talk about environment and need technical information, and photographs of our vehicles in REAL working conditions we will be pleased to provide you.

Here's some very interesting new facts that have been much appreciated in many countries and received many views in blogs and specialized web pages but aren’t yet known in Italy:

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Once you’ve placed the link on your webpage please send me a short message using the form that follows, specifying exactly what you’re interested in; we're also available for short phone interviews with the technicians and engineeers that follow our electric vehicles. We can also send photographs of our electric vehicles in various definitions. 


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