If you are looking for the slim design of a caddy and the resilience and high performance of a professional vehicle, Alke's ATX electric vehicles could be what you need.

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Alke's ATX caddy for maintenance work


A caddy, or more commonly known as a golf car, is a vehicle operated both electrically and with a combustion engine. In general it is used to carry a small number of passengers across short distances at speeds of less than 24 km/h. Generally the caddy are vehicles that weigh around 400-450 kg, are about two and a half meters long, 1.2 m wide and 1.8 m high.
Namely, a caddy is used in golf courses, airports and tourist facilities, mostly to carry people and occasionally also to carry goods or luggage.
Alke's ATX vehicle is very similar to a caddy in size, but has a more resilient chassis and a more powerful engine (8 kW, instead of 2/4 kW of a caddy). It is used for maintenance work and to carry people or goods when a more resilient vehicle with a load capacity greater than that of a caddy is required.

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Here below is a table comparing the average features of an electric caddy with those of Alke's ATX vehicles.


Caddy * Alkè ATX
Power in standard conditions between 2 kW and 4 kW 8 kW
Maximum load capacity 500 kg 1000 kg

Maximum towing capacity

300 kg 3000 kg
Maximum negotiable slope 20%  35%
Maximum range 50 km  130 km
 * average values 


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