Alkè ATX vehicles can be equipped with a snow blade and a salt shaker, so in winter the Alkè ATX vehicle can become a little snowplough. Thanks to its reduced width, 127 cm,  this vehicle is particularly suitable for narrow roads.
In early days of 2010 Alkè snowplough have worked continuously for 40 hours to shovel snow in areas of northern Italy, working in critical situations.

Transporter Alke ATX
The snow blade is provided with lifting and hydraulic rotation and has to be coupled to the bed electro-hydraulic lifting device.
This snowplough is adjustable both left and right and has emergency release springs and replaceable rubber slide block to have a very good adherence with the ground.
The Alkè electric utility vehicles with snow blade are used in sidewalks.
The Alkè ATX vehicles equipped with this optional are very used both in mountainous regions and Nordic countries.
The snow blade is particularly suitable for narrow roads in urban areas, avenues in private areas, sidewalks, cycleway, pedestrian zones, squares of shopping malls.
In summer Alkè vehicles are used for maintenance while in winter they are able to shovel snow in areas where other vehicles are not able to transit because they are too width.
The snow blade can be applied to vehicles Alkè ATX both Diesel /Petrol and electric, so you can obtain an electric snowplough.

Snow blade characteristics
Width 150 cm
Electro-hydraulic lifting Yes
Reclining to the right Yes
Reclining to the left Yes
Emergency release springs Yes
Replaceable rubber slide block Yes

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