The Alke electric vehicles are designed for goods and people transport simultaneously. Thanks to the solutions with 2, 4 or 6 seats they are ideal for industry, tourism and health care sector, also available in explosion-proof version.

2 4 6 seat electric utility vehicles
6 seat electric utility vehicles
Electric multi passenger vehicles

Alke electric vehicles are multipurpose vehicles designed for the transport of both goods and people.
Depending on the needs there may be solutions with 2, 4 or 6 seats, with different combinations:

  • 2 seats in the cab
  • 4 seats: 2 seats in the cab + 2 seats with people carrier module
  • 4 seats in the cab
  • 6 seats: 4 seats in the cab + 2 seats with people carrier module

Alkè electric utility vehicles for people and goods transport are mainly used in industrial plants, tourist facilities, healthcare facilities, and with the explosion-proof version, in hazardous areas with risk of explosion as oil plants, extraction of natural gas and mines.

Let's see in detail Alke electric vehicles models with 2, 4, 6 seats:


Alke electric vehicles with 2 seater may have on the cargo area, in addition to the classic cargo bed with drop sides, different equipment, in most cases interchangeable in a quick way.

4 seat multi passenger vehicle
4 seat multi passenger vehicle


The 4 seater version (2 in the cab + 2 on people carrier module) can be useful if you do not always have need of 4 seats, in this case in fact, the module can be easily applied or removed in a couple of minutes. So you can have two vehicles in one.

4 seat utility vehicles
Full electric vehicles with 4 seat in the cab


Alke double cab electric vehicles, with 4 seats in the cab, are ideal for those who need to carry both team work and equipment. Available with or without doors. It is mainly used in industrial and tourism sector.

6 seat electric utility vehicles
6 seat electric utility vehicles


Alke models are available also with a 6 seater version, 4 seats in the cab plus 2 seats with the people carrier module mounted on the cargo area. These 6 seater commercial vehicles, as also the other versions, are available also in the explosion-proof version, to transport crews in hazardous areas.

Alke vehicles as well as being available with different number of seats: 2 seats, 4 seats, 6 seats, can be equipped with different equipment to choose.

Being able to choose between different solutions of seating also reflects the high versatility that distinguishes Alke electric vehicles.

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ATEX vehicles catalog

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