A full range of electric vehicles with high performance engines and batteries, top quality electronics imported from forklift sector, off-road capabilities, road omologation ready, 100% made in Europe. (Electric utv)
Here are the new Alkè XT range of 2WD and 4WD electric vehicles. With the XT electric range come to market impressive performance with on board technologies never seen until now on similar vehicles.


Alke' pizza vending van
Electric van for pizza
The vans with equipment for pizza are a real itinerant pizzeria, with oven and everything you need to prepare a pizza and sell it as 'street food'.
road legal low speed vehicles
Road legal low speed vehicle Alke'
Alke' produces road legal low speed vehicles (lsv), these vehicles are ideal for road transport of merchandise. They are vehicles approved as heavy quadricycle, category L7e.
maintenance and street cleaning vehicles
Road cleaning and maintenance
The Alkè maintenance and street cleaning vehicles thanks to their modularity are suitable for various activities from waste collection, to snow removal, to maintenance of green spaces.
green vehicles botanic gardens
ATX in Australian botanic gardens
The Rangers of Australian National Botanic Gardens in Canberra use the Alkè ATX210E for different activities, its versatility has been one of the pluses that have influenced on the choice of the Alke vehicle.
Alke ATX double cab electric vehicles
4 seats utility vehicle
Unique in their category the new ATX230ED and ATX240ED models have a double cab, 4 seats, so they are the ideal solution for those who need to carry both material and team work.

Would you like to become a distributor of Alke' electric vehicles?

Alke vehicles reseller
Become an Alke' distributor: today's economy is changing in a radical way, we realize it every day and this is reflected in the life of every day, electric vehicles are gradually entering our cities.

Which are the advantages of an electric car and an electric vehicle?

Advantages electric cars
We discover the main advantages of electric cars compared to traditional combustion vehicles. The benefits of an electric car or an electric vehicle compared to an endothermic vehicle are both technical and economic, without sacrificing performance.

Prices of electric van

Price evaluation electric van
In the market there is a growing number of electric van with prices even very different from each other, how to orient? Some of the elements that can affect the price differences between electric vans are: technology, loading and towing capacity, construction quality.   

Alke' vehicles at Kensington Palace in London

Utility vehicles for maintenance
Historic Royal Palaces organization has choosen an Alke' ATX for Kensington Palace in London that opens its doors to Alke' 100% electric utility vehicles.

Tail lift truck

tail lift truck
Alke' XT tail lift truck
The Alkè XT tail lift truck fitted with hydraulic tail lift to facilitate handling of the load is, for example, ideal for use in parks to handle waste bins.

Alke' utility vehicle in Venice

Alke' utility vehicle in Venice
The Alke' ATX utility vehicle used at an island in the lagoon of Venice for the activities of disinfestation. There aren't many vehicles that manage to land in Venice, the Alke' utility vehicle however is one of them. 

Refrigerated electric vans

refrigerated van 100% electric
The Alkè refrigerated electric vans are 100% electric, type-approved for road circulation (category L7e) and are ideal for deliveries in city centres. 

Electric vehicles for low emission zone

XT electric in LEZ
Many couriers must enter low emission zones now present in most cities on a daily basis. Let's explore what is required to enter low emission zones with electric vans.

Uphill roads: electric pickup no limits

electric pickup on uphill
Electric pickup on uphill roads
We tested an Alkè ATX210E electric pickup in uphill hairpin turns. At the end of the route the temperatures were well below the thresholds, we faced 765mt of altitude gap and the batteries were still at 44%. 

Electric cargo vans

electric cargo vans
Light commercial panel vans
Now available the new work panel vans with an electric motor and Zero Emissions. Alkè presents the ATX and XT cargo vans. Both types of electric light commercial vans can be fitted with ledges and shelves, hydraulic sides and other accessories. 

Electric trucks Alke' XT

electric trucks Alke' XT
Electric work trucks
XT electric trucks combine silence, respect for the environment and high quality of construction, that's why many companies choose them for their fleet.
These electric trucks pickup are used by couriers, logistic companies, municipalities, airports and puplic parks. 

Smart City: improve the future of our cities

electric cars for smart cities
Alke vehicles for smart cities
Many cities are implementing projects aimed to improve ecological sustainability of the urban environment.
Alke' vehicles, with zero CO2 and acoustic emissions, are therefore ideal for the creation of a sustainable urban environment.  

Refuse collection electric vehicles Alkè XT

refuse collection vehicles Alke' XT
Alke' XT for refuse collection
For a totally noiseless and eco-friendly refuse collection, the Alkè XT with waste collection body are the ideal solution. This equipment caters to the needs of Town Halls, historical city centres, tourist villages, airports, railway stations, parks and green areas and industrial manufacturing plants.

Electric atv Alkè ATX

electric atv Alke' ATX
All terrain electric vehicles 
Alke' presents the new Alkè ATX electric atv with set-up ideal for off-road use; let’s discover the details of this new set-up that make ATX vehicles particularly suitable for off-road.

Electric Vehicles for Military, Security & Police

military electric vehicles
Alke' military electric vehicles
Even the armed forces are starting to use military electric vehicles for the logistics fleet which, in addition to the ecological factor, also will induce a decrease in expenditure. An Alkè vehicle already used by the armed forces in barracks is the ATX200E. 

XT utility vehicles with steel mesh sides

utility vehicle with steel mesh sides
XT with steel mesh sides
Among the many fittings available for the Alke' XT, we also find the steel mesh sides for the loading bed. The height of the sides increases by 67 cm with the steel mesh sides. It is possible to load and transport leaves, wood, waste, laundry, road signs and bulky material in general.

Electric tipper vans 

electric tipper vans
Electric tipper vans Alke' ATX
Electric Tipper Vans with electric drive to transport goods in the city centre, estricted traffic areas, historical centers. Particularly recommended also for centres that are placed in hilly areas as they can face slopes to 30% (40% with HT kit). The loading bed is 130 cm lenght or 180 cm lenght.

Vineyard tractor for eco-sustainable farm 

vineyard tractor Alke' ATX
Vineyard tractor for farms
The Tuscan agricultural company Santa Lucia in Faulle, which uses eco-sustainable systems for mobility and production, has chosen the Alke' ATX200E as a vineyard tractor. We asked the owner a few questions in order to understand why he chose an Alkè vehicle and how the vineyard tractor is used.

Virtual tour with an Alkè XT electric vehicle 

electric vehicle XT virtual tour
Virtual tour of an XT electric vehicle
Virtual tour realised with an XT electric vehicle. The Alkè XT high performance electric vehicle has undergone a road test on mixed terrain: urban, rural, hillside. The vehicle used for the tour was an XT320E. In this context it is possible to see the great capacities of this electric vehicle.

XT electric snow plow vehicles

XT snow plow vehicles
Alke' XT snow plow
The XT snow plow vehicles are the best solution for the winter period and for freezing conditions and heavy snow storms in Northern Countries. With just a few gestures, the Alkè XT vehicle can become a highly efficient snow plow. It allows to clean large and small areas in a very short time.

Exclusive: utility vehicles that transform into rescue vehicle

from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles
Transformable utility vehicles
The ATX100E can easily be transformed from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles. It is possible to have 2 vehicles in 1, shifting from utility vehicles to rescue vehicles and vice-versa, depending on the momentary need. All you need is 10 minutes to transform the utility vehicles ATX100E.

Airport vehicles

airport vehicles XT
Airport vehicles XT
The airport vehicles XT are the ideal resource with electric traction for airport operations. Our professional vehicles have special fittings studied to the use in airports. In particular to move bagages and goods, maintenance, waste collection, for catering and transport of equipment.

XT electric delivery van

electric delivery van Alke XT
Electric delivery van
The XT electric delivery van is ideal for postal and parcel delivery, goods and work equipment handling and many other uses. There is the possibility to install adjustable shelves. The volume of the closed cargo box is 4.1 m3 (E models) or 5 m3 (EL models). The box is entirely built by aluminium. 

Enel starts using Alke's electric vehicles

ENEL electric vehicles
ENEL chooses Alke'

Enel has chosen Alke' electric vehicles for its plants, as part of a wider project of reorganization of its corporate fleet, thanks to "Electric Car. Zero Emissions" project to support electric mobility. When evaluating the model chosen by Enel, a series of tests were carried out to assess its performance.  

Alke' electric utv on the beach

electric vehicles on the beach
Electric vehicles on the beach
Alkè electric utv have great performances, they can be used inside holiday villages along the coast and especially on beaches. In such situation we have seen our customers amazed to observe Alke' ATX utility vehicles move on the sand without difficulty. 

ATX electric vehicles: the final choice

A new generation of electric vehicles exists that is able to put in the field performances that are on a par with and in certain contests superior to the conventional diesel or petrol vehicles of the same category. It is the case of the ATX E series, professional electrical vehicles designed to be used in the hardest and most demanding conditions.
electric vehicle
electric car
electric vehicles alke
electric vehicle waste collection
electric cars alke
Alkè electrical vehicles combine silence and zero pollution to a real working capacity. It is not by chance that a growing number of sectors are starting conversion procedures of almost their entire fleet of vehicles to high performance electrical vehicles such as the ATX E. It makes a real difference being able to move and operate without limits of time or space within residential areas, tourist structures, parks and golf clubs, just as in areas within civil or commercial airports, without disturbing visitors or operators residing in these areas.
electric van alke
removable battery set
alke electrical vehicles
alke bull-bar
construction vehicle alke
The investment for an ATX E is re-paid in average terms by the maintenance costs, which are must lower if compared with equivalent diesel and petrol vehicles: maintenance is almost inexistent and there are noteworthy savings in fuel consumption. Technical life, in working hours, of an electrical vehicle of this type is generally double, if not triple, with respect to a conventional fuel vehicle.

Alke' Worldwide

Alke Worldwide
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Alke' exhibitions 2014

Alke' exhibitions 2012
Alkè ATX and XT electric vans attend to the main exhibitions of the sector around Europe.

Electric UTV - Alke'

electric utv cars
- up to 3.000kg towing capacity
- no noise and pollution
- up to 1.000kg loading capacity
- up to 35% slopes
- off-road capabilities
- all about
electric UTV

Waste collection vehicles

waste collection electric vehicles
- load volume 2000 Lt.
- no noise and pollution
- up to 30% slopes
- tipping angle of 90°
- all about
waste vehicles

4x4 Utility Vehicles

4x4 utility vehicles
- permanent 4WD
- up to 1000kg loading capacity
- up to 46% slopes
- perfect for off-road
- all about
4x4 utility vehicles

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